Serious Trouble for Cuomo as NY Legislators Target Governor’s Powers



CNN Gets More Bizarre as Chris Cuomo Says He’s ‘Black on the Inside’

Sanctions from the Biden administration have been placed on Russia over the prison sentence of Putin’s rival, Alexei Navalny.  The sanctions are also in place over the attempted poisoning of Navalny.

The Senate started debates on Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID bill.  Eight Democrats defected their party’s proposed $15 minimum wage increase.  All 50 republican senators rejected the increase.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin increased his criticism of China’s moves to “close the competitive edge” its military has with the US.  He said the aggressive posture is being closely monitored.



NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 01: Signs are seen on the ground as people gather outside of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s NYC office to protest against cuts to health care on March 01, 2021 in New York City. On the one-year anniversary of the first coronavirus (COVID-19) diagnosis in NYC, grassroots organizations gathered as part of the “Invest In Our NY campaign!” demanding Gov. Cuomo and NYS lawmakers stop the cuts from HIV/AIDS and other healthcare service and pass bills that would raise revenue and help to restore money to Medicaid, cancel rent for low-income New Yorkers and protect vulnerable communities.

Serious Trouble for Cuomo as NY Legislators Target Governor’s Powers


China Basically Wipes Out All Other Nation’s Plan for Climate Change

A Buddha Air flight from Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport to Janakpur mistakenly flew to Pokhara instead, about 250 miles from the correct destination. Photo by Solundir/Wikimedia Commons

Whoops!  Plane Delivers Passengers to Wrong City

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