MyMynd raises £650k to support mental health in the workplace

MyMynd, a UK-based mental health startup, has recently raised £650k in seed funding to support mental health in the workplace. The funding round was led by the London Co-Investment Fund, with participation from a number of angel investors.

The startup was founded in 2019 by Dr. Nick Taylor, a clinical psychologist, and Dr. Dan Brown, a consultant psychiatrist. MyMynd aims to provide employers with a range of mental health services to support their employees, including online assessments, therapy sessions, and training for managers.

The need for mental health support in the workplace has become increasingly apparent in recent years, with studies showing that mental health issues are a leading cause of workplace absenteeism and reduced productivity. MyMynd aims to address this issue by providing employers with a range of tools and resources to support their employees’ mental health.

One of the key features of MyMynd’s platform is its online assessment tool, which allows employees to complete a mental health assessment in just a few minutes. The assessment is designed to identify any potential mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression, and provide employees with personalized recommendations for support.

In addition to the assessment tool, MyMynd also offers a range of therapy services, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). These services are delivered by qualified mental health professionals and can be accessed online or in-person.

MyMynd also provides training for managers to help them identify and support employees who may be struggling with mental health issues. The training covers topics such as how to have difficult conversations with employees, how to create a supportive work environment, and how to manage stress and burnout.

The funding raised by MyMynd will be used to further develop its platform and expand its services to more employers across the UK. The startup is also planning to launch a mobile app later this year, which will allow employees to access mental health support on-the-go.

Overall, MyMynd’s mission to support mental health in the workplace is an important one, and the funding raised will help the startup to make a real difference in the lives of employees across the UK. With mental health issues becoming increasingly prevalent in the workplace, it’s clear that there is a real need for services like MyMynd to help support employees and create a more positive work environment.