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Data has the potential to transform business by speeding up innovation and improving operational efficiency to provide a satisfactory customer experience. However, maximizing data utilization entails the complexity of having more infrastructures to meet every business demand.

Trends & technologies, Inc. (Trends), together with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), brings forth the newest solution that simplifies access and utilization of data infrastructure. HPE Alletra is a cloud-native data infrastructure powered by Data Services Cloud Console. Cumulatively, they give you a cloud operating and consumption experience wherever data lives, with the best of every cloud.

Modern problems require modern solutions. HPE Alletra spans workload-optimized systems to deliver architectural flexibility without the complexity of traditional storage management built for every application. Enjoy predictable high performance and non-disruptive scale, all backed by 100% availability guarantees for your mission-critical workloads. Organizations can avoid over-provisioning, reduce infrastructure costs, and ensure you can respond to any business need with storage as a service.

Trends and HPE Alletra’s opportunity is to help customers free and empower their data through a simplified cloud operational experience and transformed storage as a service. This modern data experience gives them the flexibility and agility to move in their cloud environments faster than ever before. Unified data operation delivers a new data experience that radically simplifies infrastructures enables IT to safeguard data seamlessly against threats and disruptions, unlocks data by streamlining access to the data innovators, and mobilize across the clouds. On top of that, the improved data experience is all delivered with as a service experience. This means that the customer’s burden of overprovisioning for their dynamic environments is lifted from their shoulders, as we take the leadership role in ensuring that they are getting what they need right off the bat. With 100% guaranteed availability for HPE Alletra 9000, you’re ready to unleash the power of your data.

Deliver the cloud experience wherever data lives with category-defining cloud-native data infrastructure that’s AI-driven, built for cloud, and as-a-service.

Trends is an enabler of technology and business solutions with decades of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) experience. Recognized and trusted by HPE, we continuously provide innovative and exemplary solutions and services to aid digital transformation and business adaption regardless of scale and size. With a clear roadmap, Trends recognizes your vision to unleash the power of your data and makes it a reality.

Explore HPE Alletra with trends here.


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