Greggs raises sausage roll prices despite £1.23bn sales

Greggs Raises Sausage Roll Prices Despite £1.23bn Sales

Greggs, the UK’s largest bakery chain, has recently announced that it will be raising the prices of its famous sausage rolls. This news comes as a surprise to many, especially considering the company’s impressive sales figures of £1.23bn in 2019.

The price increase is said to be a result of rising costs of ingredients and overheads, as well as the impact of Brexit on the supply chain. The company has stated that it has tried to absorb these costs for as long as possible, but now has no choice but to pass them on to customers.

This move has been met with mixed reactions from customers, with some expressing disappointment and frustration at the price hike. However, others have shown understanding and support for the company’s decision, acknowledging the challenges faced by businesses in the current economic climate.

Despite the price increase, Greggs remains a popular choice for many, with its range of affordable and tasty baked goods. The company has also continued to innovate and expand its menu, introducing vegan options and new products such as the vegan steak bake and the vegan sausage, bean and cheeze melt.

Greggs’ success can be attributed to its ability to adapt to changing consumer trends and preferences, as well as its commitment to quality and affordability. The company has also been praised for its ethical and sustainable practices, such as its use of free-range eggs and its efforts to reduce food waste.

In conclusion, while the news of a price increase may be disappointing for some, it is important to remember the challenges faced by businesses in the current economic climate. Greggs’ decision to raise prices is a necessary one, and the company’s continued success is a testament to its ability to adapt and innovate. So, the next time you enjoy a delicious sausage roll from Greggs, remember that you are supporting a company that is committed to quality, affordability, and sustainability.